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Power Washing Services for Heavy Machinery & Industrial Equipment

A non-working machine is a non-paying machine.

Savvy construction equipment owners/operators know that keeping your heavy machinery clean is the best way to ensure its longevity and reliability on the job site.

If a machine quits mid-operation, it causes a domino effect of added stress on the other equipment, workers, and mechanics along the production chain.

Even worse, the downtime is costing you critical revenue and compromising your reputation within the industry.

All this is avoidable with routine power washing of your heavy machinery and industrial equipment.

It’s time to eliminate the tough grease, grime, and dirt that a construction setting attracts – call Pro Plus Power Washing.

Services for Heavy Machinery & Industrial Applications

Construction Equipment
Fleet & Commercial Vehicles
Equipment Rental & Dealerships
Industrial Bays & Buildings

Clean equipment makes a loud and positive statement heard by clients and future customers.

Our process removes every bit of grease and grime that collects on your equipment while avoiding harsh chemicals to prevent any damage to the machines.

You can be confident in the condition of your haul trucks, backhoes, hydraulic excavators, and bulldozers so you can avoid delays and stay on schedule.

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Whether it’s a driveway or a whole fleet of dump trucks, we’re here to help you. Just tell us what you can about your project and how we can get in touch with you. Then we’ll get back to you ASAP with your free estimate.

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